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September 13th, 2004

12:13 pm - Angel and only Angel..
Buffy left everyone and walked to her and Angels home. She sat on the porch, head in her hands and looked out into the sky. "What is going on around here?"

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August 8th, 2004

11:11 pm - The slayer is dead
I dance into where Angelus, Darla, and I were hiding out. I am humming gleefully as I dance up to Angelus. He asked me where I had been, says he was worried about me. He looks cross. I frown at him. He apologizes and says he was just worried that something might have happened to me.

"I have a suprise..." I whisper to him. I cover my mouth as I giggle.

"Buffy found me..." I saying in a singing voice as I sway. "Silly little slayer...she had to go bye bye."

Angelus asks me questions but I don't hear him. Then I stop swaying and look into his eyes and grin evilly.

"I killed her...I killed Buffy," I say and wrap my arms around his neck, "Now you are truly free my love. Now we can be a family. Without that bitch around to try and make you what your not."
Current Mood: jubilantjubilant

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August 7th, 2004

01:51 am - At the hospital...
Cordi, Giles and I run in the hospital carrying Willow *now clothed for the most part* in the blanket.


A doctor rushed over, "What is the...OH GOD" he said when his eyes met Willow's body. "Get a team on this girl...FAST" he said yelling at so nurses.

A team of doctors and nurses came up with a bed and placed Willow carefully on it. The doctor looked at us as they took Willow down the hall, "How did this happen?"

I look at Giles, "She...she was kiddnaped...ummm...she was brought to us like that," I say hoping he doesn't ask to much more.

He nods, "Any of you family?" Before anyone could say anything, "He...he is her fiancé. He is the only family she has, " I say pointing to Giles.

The doctor turns to him, "Okay I have some paper work I need you to fill out as best as you can...and when she is stable you can see her. I will arrange a bed for you as well if you want to stay with her. I'm sorry you two but only family can stay with her."

"We understand..." I say and smile at Giles. at least he gets to be by her side
Current Mood: scaredscared

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August 3rd, 2004

01:11 am - The fun begins
"stop the car" I say and look at Angelus and said "YOU turned her didn't you..... that bitch" When he nodded his head "you idot..... SHE can track us better". I get out of the car pulling out a small book from my purse then flip threw pages and throw the things back in the car. I raise my hands up and begin chanting words if a different language. After a few minutes of chanting the clear night sky filled with dark storm clouds and it began to down pour rain, with the sent of blood lased in the rain that vampires could smell. A sent so strong, if they were tracking someone, they would only smell the blood sent, and be thrown into a craving. Getting back into the car I say "OK drive..... the slayers wont be able to track us now... I hope you two ate enough at your little party". then she began laughing as the rain fell harder. When we drove up to the safe place I said "park it in here". After we pulled in the garage door slammed shut. I lead Angelus, and Dru up the stairs and said "Ther.... NOW no oe will ever know we are here..... make yourselves comfy"

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August 2nd, 2004

11:55 am
I walk around my house thinking about what Angel said.He is there..inside of that monster. I will get him back to me..to our child..I love him and he loves me.."WAIT!" Dru bit him to be Angelus..what If I bit him to be Angel. I dont think he remembers that he turned me into a vampire..MAybe Willow will know what to do.

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August 1st, 2004

10:27 pm - The wiccaning
I look around the sight and take in a deep breath of the wonderful forest air. This is such a perfect spot for a wiccaning. It's so free out here, so beautiful.

I find my mind wandering to Giles. Wishing he was able to make it. Wishing he was here. This was my first wiccaning. I could really use a close friend here for support. But no one could come. *sigh*

"Willow the other sisters are done. We are all ready," says Hillary. I nod, "Good and not a moment too soon, the sun is almost done setting."

"Tell the others to change, and tell Ash to get Maggie ready. It's almost time," I say and then walk over to the cabin to get ready myself.

****Under the light of the full moon*****

Everyone has taken their places when I walk out in front of the alter. I raise my arms embracing our mother moon. I light the wiccaning candle.

"The light of our Love is kindled; bring the fruit of love into the circle." I say and motion for Ash to bring forth her baby.

"Loving lady and Gracious Lord, behold the harvest of our love named, Maggie Summers. Watch over and bless this child, bring love and joy to all of her days."

Just as I do to anoint the baby's brow. Some one walks up...
Current Mood: nervousnervous

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12:33 am - [[angel]]
I wake up and I can smell Angel..I look at the pillow and then shake my head. No its too strong.Like he was here while I was asleep. I get up and go to the closet and get dressed.I swear I hear someone walking around..but no. "Im losing my mind.."
Current Mood: crushedcrushed

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July 31st, 2004

04:28 pm
I left Spike and cried. I sat there in the cemetary crying. I got up and walked around just thinking.What if Dru was right, and we werent meant to be. "I love you Spike.." I said into the night air.
Current Mood: confusedconfused

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03:02 am - Back in Sunnydale
We unboard the plane hand in hand.

I look at Giles a bit nervous, "You said that you wanted me to move in with you...when we were leaving. Does that go into affect immediately," I ask hoping it did. I couldn't see spending nights without him.

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01:05 am
I missed Angel.I hadnt seen him all day.Where was he?Its great//Im married and dont ever see my husband whom I had turn me into a vampire so I could see him more. I decide to head to the cemetary to look for him. "Angel..Angel.."

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