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August 1st, 2004

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10:27 pm - The wiccaning
I look around the sight and take in a deep breath of the wonderful forest air. This is such a perfect spot for a wiccaning. It's so free out here, so beautiful.

I find my mind wandering to Giles. Wishing he was able to make it. Wishing he was here. This was my first wiccaning. I could really use a close friend here for support. But no one could come. *sigh*

"Willow the other sisters are done. We are all ready," says Hillary. I nod, "Good and not a moment too soon, the sun is almost done setting."

"Tell the others to change, and tell Ash to get Maggie ready. It's almost time," I say and then walk over to the cabin to get ready myself.

****Under the light of the full moon*****

Everyone has taken their places when I walk out in front of the alter. I raise my arms embracing our mother moon. I light the wiccaning candle.

"The light of our Love is kindled; bring the fruit of love into the circle." I say and motion for Ash to bring forth her baby.

"Loving lady and Gracious Lord, behold the harvest of our love named, Maggie Summers. Watch over and bless this child, bring love and joy to all of her days."

Just as I do to anoint the baby's brow. Some one walks up...
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Date:August 1st, 2004 11:22 pm (UTC)

time to get a witch

I look over at Dru and our army of blood thirsty vampires. I smile looking at Willow about to anoint a child and whispered "I think its time..... show no mercy.... but don't kill the one in the middle... she's mine.... now lets go" I begin to walk up behind Willow with the army of other vamps and Dru, then I grab the back of her neck and say "Sorry Will.... nothing personal you know of something we need" then I bite her and start to feed just enough so she couldn't use her powers. After she stopped moving I look at Dru smiling as I pick Willow up over my shoulder and ask "did you have some fun my love..... I think its time we get out of here... we have our prize" I grab Dru's hand as we walk out of the fight between the witches and the army of vampires.

When we get to my car I throw WIllow in the back seat then pull a knife and sliced a lockof hair. I took it and rubbed it on her neck where it was bleeding to get some of her blood on it, then I walk to a tree and place the hair against it, and put my knife threw it to hold it to the tree. I watch and some blood drips down the bark and laugh. Then I get in the car and say to Dru "that should really get to someone" laughing more we drive away.
Date:August 1st, 2004 11:48 pm (UTC)

Re: time to get a witch

I gasp as someone grabs me by the neck. I drop the bottle of oil as a familiar voice says "Sorry Will.... nothing personal you know of something we need"

Angel but before I could react his fangs sinked into my neck draining me of my blood to quickly. Things got fuzzy and I remember seeing Dru go for Ash and Maggie, screaming, and then it was black.
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Date:August 2nd, 2004 12:14 am (UTC)

Re: time to get a witch

When Angelus grabs Willow I go for the mother and child. Witches and vampiers were every where...screaming running, and fighting. I poince on my pray and feed on mother and then baby.

I walk back over when I see Willow now over Angelus's shoulder. I take his hand smiling when he ask me if I had fun, "Oh yes...we should do this more often," I say and look back that sence behind me. "Just like old times," I think as we walk away.

I watch as he cuts off a lock of Willow's hair, puts some blood on it and places it on the tree. I squeal in delight watching him play one of his old games. I kiss him as he gets into the car and laugh as we drive away.

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