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August 1st, 2004

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10:27 pm - The wiccaning
I look around the sight and take in a deep breath of the wonderful forest air. This is such a perfect spot for a wiccaning. It's so free out here, so beautiful.

I find my mind wandering to Giles. Wishing he was able to make it. Wishing he was here. This was my first wiccaning. I could really use a close friend here for support. But no one could come. *sigh*

"Willow the other sisters are done. We are all ready," says Hillary. I nod, "Good and not a moment too soon, the sun is almost done setting."

"Tell the others to change, and tell Ash to get Maggie ready. It's almost time," I say and then walk over to the cabin to get ready myself.

****Under the light of the full moon*****

Everyone has taken their places when I walk out in front of the alter. I raise my arms embracing our mother moon. I light the wiccaning candle.

"The light of our Love is kindled; bring the fruit of love into the circle." I say and motion for Ash to bring forth her baby.

"Loving lady and Gracious Lord, behold the harvest of our love named, Maggie Summers. Watch over and bless this child, bring love and joy to all of her days."

Just as I do to anoint the baby's brow. Some one walks up...
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Date:August 5th, 2004 10:16 pm (UTC)

Re: At the magick shop...

I jump up and run around screaming. hitting my back "hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot!HOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTT!!!" I sigh as it cools down. I jump up as I feel something in my ass. "OWW..HES FUCKING HER! OUCH OUCH! This is noooottt pleasant."
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Date:August 5th, 2004 10:28 pm (UTC)

Re: At the magick shop...

"Okay...I have the spell. I will go and get the proper items," I say running down the stares and getting some candle, incense, and powder.

I come back up and place everything where they need to be.

"Giles...sit across from me," I say sitting down. When he does I light one candle then the others all light at once. I light the incense, and look at Giles.

"Close your eyes...focuse...focuse on Willow...feel her...hear her. She is the woman you love...and love is what is binding you now. Focus on that love Giles...feel it...know it to be real...and know it will bring her back to you."

I chant a few word and then blow the powered into Giles face, "Talk to her Giles...she can hear you know. Talk to Willow...let her know you are with her."

When he does I smile as it's working. "Now use your link to see threw her eyes...tell her to look around...see what she sees..."
Date:August 5th, 2004 10:34 pm (UTC)

Re: At the magick shop...

I sit as she tells me too and I follow her instructions "WIllow..Its Giles..shhh..I can talk toyou..Im right there with you..kind of. Look around.let me know where you are.."

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