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August 3rd, 2004

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01:11 am - The fun begins
"stop the car" I say and look at Angelus and said "YOU turned her didn't you..... that bitch" When he nodded his head "you idot..... SHE can track us better". I get out of the car pulling out a small book from my purse then flip threw pages and throw the things back in the car. I raise my hands up and begin chanting words if a different language. After a few minutes of chanting the clear night sky filled with dark storm clouds and it began to down pour rain, with the sent of blood lased in the rain that vampires could smell. A sent so strong, if they were tracking someone, they would only smell the blood sent, and be thrown into a craving. Getting back into the car I say "OK drive..... the slayers wont be able to track us now... I hope you two ate enough at your little party". then she began laughing as the rain fell harder. When we drove up to the safe place I said "park it in here". After we pulled in the garage door slammed shut. I lead Angelus, and Dru up the stairs and said "Ther.... NOW no oe will ever know we are here..... make yourselves comfy"

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Date:August 3rd, 2004 11:39 pm (UTC)

Time for more pain

((OOC:playing both Angelus, and Darla))

"Angelus I think you should get more into your work while Dru and I figure more fun things to do darling" I say looking at Willow.

Smiling I say "with pleasure" turning to Willow I pull the knife out of ehr leg then slice the ropes holding her to the chair. Out of fun I grab her hair and pull her into the other room. My excitment rises as I hear her screams. Once in the other room I pick her up throwing her on the bed face down. Strattling her I cut the rope keeping her hands together, then tie her wrists on the headboard. Moving off of her I go to her feet and tie them to the foot board. I walk up to the head of the bed grabbing her hair again and say "IF you wont give the information...... loks like I'm going to have to talk you into giving it too me...... or Giles...... WHO ver stops me first" I pull out the knife and start cutting at her shirt, then something inside me stops and I yell "NOOOOO" moving away from Willow. Still fighting to keep Angelus under wraps I say still fighting "Will..... please..... I... I can't stop this much longer.... just tell where the..... where..... it is" Before I fade back into Angelus I whisper "I'm so sorry.... for" then I stand up glaring at her and yell "DAMN IT"!!! Then I go back over and finish slicing off her shirt throwing it to the floor. "Ohh beleive me darling... this is going to hurt you and Giles more than it will hurt me" and I start laughing as I run the knife tip along her back making a cut. I lift up the knife and just as her screams died down I see on the dresser there are several things for my use. I walk over grabbing the can of salt and pour it onto her open wound. She wasn't screaming and crying enough so I decide to rub the salt deeper into the wound.
Date:August 5th, 2004 09:22 pm (UTC)

Re: Time for more pain

I scream out in pain as not only from the fact that Angel is now pulling into another room by my hair, but my leg is now in movement. A quick movement at that sending more pain threw my body. He throws me onto the bed face down. My mind is swimming with thoughts of what he is going to do to me next as he straddles me. I lay there still knowing I couldn't fight him, I was no match for him, not with this binding spell on me.

I lay there gathering all of my straight as Angel grabs me by the hair again and says "IF you wont give the information...... looks like I'm going to have to talk you into giving it too me...... or Giles...... WHO ever stops me first"

He starts to cut off my shirt. Then something happened. He moves away from me as he yelled "Noooooo" I see in his eyes that that Angel was fighting himself. I struggle now to try and free myself as Angel speaks to me. He says something about me giving the information Angelus wants. "No...I wont...I can't do that Angel."

Angelus looks up at me and yells "Damn it" He goes right back to cutting at my shirt. Once he has it off he takes the tip of the knife and runs it down my back cutting me slowly. I cry out griping the rope holding my hands.

"Stay strong Will...stay strong," I keep telling myself. I stop screaming, my breathing now a bit of a pant as I fight the pain. He pours on what I can only assume is salt. I try not to cry out now. Knowing it is only fueling him. Then he rubs it in, "Ahhh....AHHH..." I cry out as tears roll down my cheeks.
Date:August 5th, 2004 09:50 pm (UTC)

Re: Time for more pain

A bit disapointed Angelus grabbed Willow's hair and began slicing her face here and there smiling at her cries. "TELL me where its at bitch or the pain is only going to get worse". When she still wouldn't tell he took his knife slicing off her pants, and underware making her completly naked. Lighting a smoke Angelus busted out some lighter fluid and sprinkled it on her back, then put his smoke down far enough to catch it on fire. As it burned he took her clothes and soaked up some of her blood, then walked out itno the kitchen laying them on the table and said "I think they need a little present" Darla smiled then said "yes darling" then made them disapear on Giles desk here he was working, then Angelus walked back into the room just intime to see the fire on Willow's back out. "WOW that was invigerating wasn't it Will.... you ready to talk yet...... no ok... lets move on my dear" He jumped in the bed kneeling behind her and slapped her ass then said "damn.. all this fun.... its kinda like fore play wouldn't you say.... yeah...... I think we need some more action going on in here... its not HOT enough". Then he undid his pants, raising her ass in the air and he thrusted his dick deep inside her ass. When she screamed out he only thrusted faster, harder and deeper inside of her.
Date:August 5th, 2004 10:45 pm (UTC)

Willow..I love you

"Willow..Its Giles..shhh..I can talk to you..Im right there with you..kind of. Look around.let me know where you are..I need to know..We are going to get you"
Date:August 5th, 2004 11:20 pm (UTC)

I love you too...please hurry

I cry out as he cuts my face, deeper in some places then others. "TELL me where its at bitch or the pain is only going to get worse" I just glare at him.

Then he cut off my pants and underwear. I laid there completely naked. I close my eyes as tears rolled down my cheeks. I could only guess as to what was going to happen to me next.

I feel a horrible stinging on the cut on my back as something is poured on it. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," I scream at the top of my lungs as he sets me on fire. Tears now falling faster as my back burns.

I hear him leave and try to move my hands out of the ropes. But moving only proved to hurt my flaming back that has now died down. I bite my lower lip as the pain rushes threw me as I continue to try to break free.

Angelus walks back into the room and I stop moving. "WOW that was invigerating wasn't it Will.... you ready to talk yet...... no ok... lets move on my dear" My body is hit with another wave of pain as he jumps in the bed.

"damn.. all this fun.... its kinda like fore play wouldn't you say.... yeah...... I think we need some more action going on in here... its not HOT enough" he said slapping my ass. I could hear him undo his pants. "Nooooooooo," my mind screams but only sobs excape my lips. He entered my ass hard making me scream. Making him only thrusted faster, harder and deeper inside of me.

I cry closing my eyes as tightly as I could and griped the ropes even more causing them to cut into my hands.

My body began to s go numb as my mind is beginning to retreat. It was then I hear Giles sweet voice in my head. Telling me he was with me...they were coming for me. "Giles..." my mind said hoping if I could hear him he could hear me as well. I open my eyes and turn my head and look around. I see a window outside the window is a billboard of...it's for Wendy's. I was in a warehouse by the freeway. According to the sign by exit 45.

I close my eyes as another wave of pain hits me from Angel running a knife down my burnt back. "I love you Giles...I love you," was the last thing I remember before the pain made me pass out.
Date:August 5th, 2004 11:27 pm (UTC)

Re: I love you too...please hurry

Everything goes black and I look at Hillary adn Cordelia just as Buffy adn Spike walk in the door. Shes in a warehouse by the freeway, exit um...45..A wendys billboard out of the window.We need to go"

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