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The slayer is dead - Welcome to Sunnydale

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August 8th, 2004

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11:11 pm - The slayer is dead
I dance into where Angelus, Darla, and I were hiding out. I am humming gleefully as I dance up to Angelus. He asked me where I had been, says he was worried about me. He looks cross. I frown at him. He apologizes and says he was just worried that something might have happened to me.

"I have a suprise..." I whisper to him. I cover my mouth as I giggle.

"Buffy found me..." I saying in a singing voice as I sway. "Silly little slayer...she had to go bye bye."

Angelus asks me questions but I don't hear him. Then I stop swaying and look into his eyes and grin evilly.

"I killed her...I killed Buffy," I say and wrap my arms around his neck, "Now you are truly free my love. Now we can be a family. Without that bitch around to try and make you what your not."
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Date:August 18th, 2004 08:56 pm (UTC)
I look up and see Dru dancing into the hide out. "where the hell have you been...... what if something happened to you" I scowl. Seeing the look on her face I say "I was worried about you Dru... I mean come on you take off and the slayers are out for our blood.... I don't want nothing to happen to you, or our child". I watch as she sways back and fourth talking in her riddles, then I hear her say "Silly little slayer...she had to go bye bye.". Taken back I begin to ask "what do you mean she had to go bye bye...... Dru.... come on what did you do to her.... where is Buffy...... tell me please". Hearing that Buffy was dead my face turns shocked. Thoughts go running threw my head.

((Darla)) I look at Angelus and know he is hurting a litle bit for that slayer then I walk up and say "Angelus..... look at it this way.... she won be able to raise your child in her good ways...... the child will not be born". Seeing this didn't help I say "Look it was either her or us.... you know damn well she would have killed you Angelus...... she would have killed all of us"

((Angelus)) Looking over at Darla I knew she was right and I whisper "yeah... the slayer or us...... yeah". I turn around and begn to pace the crypt trying to shove the thought of Buffy and my child away. Then I beging to think about the child Dru and I will have.

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